CI/CD Integration

SitecoreDXG was specifically designed for ease of integration into any CI/CD pipeline. To integrate SitecoreDXG into your CI/CD pipeline refer to the following options, based on which platform you are using:

  • TeamCity - SitecoreDXG includes a TeamCity build runner (i.e. a SitecoreDXG Build Step type that you select from the "runner" drop down) that will help to accelerate your setup. See Integrating the Default TeamCity RabbitMQ Meta-Runner page for details on how to get set up.

  • Other Platforms - Remember that SitecoreDXG's execution flow is started by the middleman, and the included RabbitMQ middleman is CLI-driven. This means that you can integrate SitecoreDXG into your pipeline by adding a build-step to call your middleman from the command line. See Integrating SitecoreDXG into your CI/CD Pipeline for more details, including setup instructions and a ready-to-use PowerShell script to call your middleman from a build step.

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