Using the DocumentationConfiguration Object

SitecoreDXG supports being passed a DocumentationConfiguration object as a property of the JSON object stored in the OPTIONS_FILE_PATH passed to the middleman. This object allows users to add extra information to the documentation that they plan to generate.

By default, this object supports the following properties:

  1. DocumentationTitle

  2. CommitAuthor

  3. CommitHash

  4. CommitLink

  5. DeployLink

  6. ProjectName

  7. EnvironmentName

An example DocumenationConfiguration object is shown below:

    "DocumentationConfiguration": {
        "DocumentationTitle": "Foo Corp Sitecore Solution Documentation",
        "ProjectName": "Foo Corp .COM",
        "EnvironmentName": "UAT",
        "CommitAuthor": "Zachary Kniebel",
        "CommitHash": "0FE1D344",
        "CommitLink": "",
        "DeployLink": ""

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