A component is a modular program or service that is (primarily) independent of other programs or systems in/on which they are hosted, and satisfies the responsibilities of a SitecoreDXG role. By default, a fully-functional SitecoreDXG ecosystem includes the following components:

  1. SitecoreUML Service for Sitecore: a service endpoint installed on a Sitecore application (PaaS or non-PaaS) as a Sitecore package that satisfies the serializer role

  2. SitecoreDXG Middleman: a program that satisfies the serializer role - can be replaced with a own custom middleman implementation, though the SitecoreDXG RabbitMQ Middleman is included with SitecoreDXG for rapid setup and use

  3. SitecoreDXG Generation Service: a node-based service (installable as a Windows service) that initializes and loads the trigger and completion handler plugins defined in the configuration, and satisfies the generator role by performing the generation when called

The following diagram depicts how these components communicate at a high-level:

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