As a member of the SitecoreUML family, SitecoreDXG naturally generates UML diagrams that model the template architecture of the solution as part of the documentation generation process.
For those who are not familiar with SitecoreUML and its syntax, it is recommended that you first review the SitecoreUML Syntax section before proceeding.

Basic Diagrams

When generating documentation with SitecoreDXG, at a minimum the Templates Diagram and Template Folders Diagram will be generated. These two diagrams provide a high-level, overall visual representation of your solution's template architecture. For more information, refer to the following sections:

Helix Diagrams

Assuming that you have configured the Helix settings for your solution via the Documentation Configuration item, multiple more granular and significantly more useful diagrams will be generated for each of the layers and modules in your solution. These diagrams provide high-level and low-level visual representations of your layers and modules, their dependents and their dependencies. For more information, refer to the following sections: